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Kind of Done with Summer

With the summer almost over, Benedicte is excited to get back on the grind. Benedikt deals with the heat wave and the load of small things at work.

User Experience with Nathan Powell

UX designer Nathan Powell joins Benedicte and Benedikt to talk about his latest projects, some practical UX tips, and the common struggles with onboarding.

Slow (& Steady) Summer Rhythm

Benedicte is enjoying the slow summer rhythm. Benedikt and the team are feeling good about the new pricing.

Protecting data privacy

Benedikt fights against spam sign-ups. Benedicte contemplates the next steps for POW! in light of the recent overturn in the U.S.

pgMustard with Michael Christofides

Michael Christofides of pgMustard chats with Benedikt and Benedicte about gardening, pgMustard, PostgreSQL, and doing marketing for SaaS.

New Userlist Pricing is Up!

Benedikt finally launches the new pricing. Benedicte talks about their ideas for the next season of the stream.

Ship it, ship it, ship it!

Benedikt finalizes new pricing. Benedicte digs deeper into Cloudinary.

Getting the Gig!

Benedicte and Ola win the Gatsby gig! Benedikt spies a new opportunity.

ScrapingBee with Pierre de Wulf

Pierre de Wulf chats with Benedikt and Benedicte about ScrapingBee, PricingBot, growing with a small team, and leveraging communities.

Constitution Day, Vacations, and Stripe!

We're back! Benedicte waits to hear back on a Gatsby proposal. Benedikt returns from vacation.

Multiplying Estimates By 3?

Benedicte is anxious about an inbound lead for new Gatsby work. Benedikt is almost done with the new signup flow implementation.

Inbox Zero & Person of the Week!

Benedikt closes in on a major feature implementation. Benedicte gets some feedback on 1:1 calls and POW!

Exits and New Beginnings with Anna Maste

Anna Maste is the founder of Subscribe Sense, a business she started after exiting Boondockers Welcome.

Come on the Show, Get Funded!

Benedikt is working on a new signup flow for Userlist. Benedicte has fun at MicroConf.

tldraw with Steve Ruiz

Benedikt and Benedicte chat with Steve Ruiz about tldraw, art, and slicing pizzas 11 ways.

Google Workspace Woes

Benedikt's productive week included migrating to Google Workspace. Benedicte heads to MicroConf in Minneapolis.

On the Road Again

Benedicte returns to the show from Athens. Benedikt tackles some complexity in a new feature.

Brian is back in town, literally.

While Benedicte spends the week in London, Benedikt checks in with Brian about the end of the six months on the road, his board game adventure, and his new job at GitLab.

POW! Turns Two

Benedicte's app, POW!, turns two years old on International Women's Day. Benedikt enjoys the ability to pair program again.

Vacation Mode & Surprise Integrations

Benedicte enjoys a serene winter wonderland. Benedikt adds an unexpected integration.

Llama Life with Marie Ng

Marie joins Benedicte and Benedikt to discuss building Llama Life, a productivity app centered around focus and fun, in public.

Comparing timestamps to dates?

Benedikt asks some tough comparison questions. Benedicte leans on the "engine" and has some fun.

Celebrate the Praise

Benedicte shares some positive feedback. Benedikt moves forward with a suite of integrations.

Fully Vested!

Time flies for Benedikt at Userlist. Benedicte will save you from your Gatsby emergency.

Dodging "Blue Monday"

The third Monday of January may be a downer, but not for Benedikt and Benedicte!

Party in Oslo!

Benedicte celebrates her birthday and Benedikt dives into backend work.

Setting Goals for 2022

Welcome to the new year! Benedicte and Benedikt report on their year-end breaks and share a few goals for the coming year.

We Have a Contest Winner!

In his last episode before taking a break, Brian gets some great news about his game, Backpack. Benedicte recovers from a few sick days. Benedikt shares some hiring lessons from Userlist.

It's Time to Take a Break

The gang is all here! In addition to updates, they discuss the "sawdust" metaphor โ€”ย packaging the byproducts of your primary service and putting them to good use. Brian announces he will be taking a break from the show.