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Dodging "Blue Monday"

The third Monday of January may be a downer, but not for Benedikt and Benedicte!

Party in Oslo!

Benedicte celebrates her birthday and Benedikt dives into backend work.

Setting Goals for 2022

Welcome to the new year! Benedicte and Benedikt report on their year-end breaks and share a few goals for the coming year.

We Have a Contest Winner!

In his last episode before taking a break, Brian gets some great news about his game, Backpack. Benedicte recovers from a few sick days. Benedikt shares some hiring lessons from Userlist.

It's Time to Take a Break

The gang is all here! In addition to updates, they discuss the "sawdust" metaphor — packaging the byproducts of your primary service and putting them to good use. Brian announces he will be taking a break from the show.

Not Sponsored by Stripe.

Not sponsored, but Benedikt and Benedicte rave about Stripe a little. The Userlist team grew by one while Benedikt was on vacation. Benedicte gets a small POW! win.

No Cell Service. No Internet.

Brian is back! He returns from the Grand Canyon trip and reflects on his time spent while disconnected. Benedicte gives a progress update on her Gatsby work and her plans for streaming in the coming months.

Let it Snow!

Benedikt and Benedicte pair up for another week without Brian. Benedikt continues to interview at Userlist which offers learning opportunities. Benedicte shares both a change in plans for the end of this year and broad goals for 2022.

Hiring, Bootcamps, and Winter!

With Brian away, Benedikt and Benedicte discuss the nuances of why hiring can be difficult. Benedikt shares how the search for open roles at Userlist is going. Benedicte is scheduling the remaining Gatsby bootcamps and is open to experimenting with offerings and formats in the future. The two discuss valuable aspects of different educational content formats. Finally, winter is coming and Benedikt is not particularly excited about it.

Don’t we all want a successful SaaS?

Brian starts his role at GitLab and continues to make progress on outsourcing development with JTBD.app. Benedikt recaps the email marketing feature launch and shares open roles at Userlist. Benedicte prepares for the Gatsby mini bootcamp kickoff, discusses pricing strategy, and wonders, "Don’t we all want a successful SaaS?"

Launching a Userlist Feature with Matt Wensing

Matt Wensing joins Benedicte, Brian, and Benedikt to talk about Userlist's new marketing email feature. Brian enjoys vacation and finds development help. Benedicte launches her first bootcamp.

Brian is Joining GitLab!

Big news this week as Brian announces that he's taking a full-time job. Why now and what does it mean for JTBD.app?

"Do you TDD?" with Brian Casel

Brian Casel joins Benedicte, Brian, and Benedikt to talk about ZipMessage, selling businesses, hiring contractors to collaborate with, and how becoming a developer makes you worse at marketing.

Vote for Queen Raae

Benedicte got nominated for The Jammies Awards. Brian is feeling a bit overwhelmed by too many things on his plate. Benedikt realized why they are procrastinating a bit on the new marketing feature.

Peak Performance

Benedikt has an epiphany, Benedicte is back in POW!, and Brian is all over the place.

Important Decisions

Brian decides to cut the year on the road short, Benedicte is now focusing on building a Gatsby training business, and Benedikt is cleaning up Userlist's front-end code base.

You're on mute

We're all three together again and Benedikt has a couple of exciting milestones to share about Userlist's financials! Brian is still getting early access interest for JTBD.app and Benedicte is anxious to get back to coding on POW.

Focused. Unfocused.

While Brian is struggling with his internet connection, Benedicte is thinking about productized offerings for Gatsby, and Benedikt is back from vacation.

Is Working With Friends a Good Idea?

While Benedikt is still on vacation, Benedicte wonders about the pros & cons of teaming up with a close friend, and Brian continues to roll out updates to JTBD.app.

Back in the Saddle

Benedicte and Brian are back to talk about affiliates, guesting, and building an audience. Also! Backpack made it through the first stage of the boardgame design contest!

Talking shop with Daniel Alm

Benedikt is joined by Daniel Alm, founder of Timing, to talk about Daniel's recent learnings from his time tracking app for MacOS. They talk about coming up with new product features, marketing strategies and work-life-balance.

Don't make everything a business

While Brian is exploring the streets of New York City, Benedicte and Benedikt talk about their weeks and how to take vacations as an entrepreneur.

Re-energizing by recording a podcast

Brian answers a listener question about Headlamp and shares some updates about Backpack. Benedikt deployed the new sign-up forms for the marketing feature and is thinking about hiring a developer. Benedicte talks about her recent launch of Gatsby Summer Functions and the learnings so far.

🥳 100! 🥳

To celebrate the 100th episode of "Slow & Steady," we take some time to tell our backstories and reflect on the paths that brought us to where we are today.

Take the Duck Tour

Benedicte talks about the launch of her upcoming Gatsby Functions course. Benedikt is talking about the recent live streaming experiment. Brian is starting to enjoy the year on the road and is working on the JTBD app.

A Kitchen Would Be Nice

Brian manages to join for an entire episode and share some updates on the JTBD app. Benedikt deployed double opt-in and got a kitchen all in the same week! Unfortunately, Benedicte was unable to join this week, but we promise, one of these days we'll have all three co-hosts on for an entire episode :P

On-brand Vacations

Brian is back (joining from Bar Harbor, Maine) and sharing his progress on the JTBD app as well as stories from the road. Benedicte is taking a quick break from her vacation to launch Gatsby Summer Functions. Benedikt is scared to deploy the double opt-in implementation and fighting with Outlook.

Summer Functions, Zapier, and Double Opt-In

While Brian is having trouble with his internet connection Bar Harbor, Benedicte talks about her upcoming Gatsby Summer Functions course. Benedikt shares his recent progress on Zapier and Double Opt-In for Userlist.

CRUD, YOLO, and F$%!

Benedicte Raae joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about their updates of the week. Brian is still getting used to the life on the road, Benedicte is working on a new side project, and Benedikt is still figuring out how to implement double opt-ins.

Userlist is a 6-figure SaaS!

Benedikt has some exciting updates and Brian joins from the road for the first time!