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Re-energizing by recording a podcast

Brian answers a listener question about Headlamp and shares some updates about Backpack. Benedikt deployed the new sign-up forms for the marketing feature and is thinking about hiring a developer. Benedicte talks about her recent launch of Gatsby Summer Functions and the learnings so far.

🥳 100! 🥳

To celebrate the 100th episode of "Slow & Steady," we take some time to tell our backstories and reflect on the paths that brought us to where we are today.

Take the Duck Tour

Benedicte talks about the launch of her upcoming Gatsby Functions course. Benedikt is talking about the recent live streaming experiment. Brian is starting to enjoy the year on the road and is working on the JTBD app.

A Kitchen Would Be Nice

Brian manages to join for an entire episode and share some updates on the JTBD app. Benedikt deployed double opt-in and got a kitchen all in the same week! Unfortunately, Benedicte was unable to join this week, but we promise, one of these days we'll have all three co-hosts on for an entire episode :P

On-brand Vacations

Brian is back (joining from Bar Harbor, Maine) and sharing his progress on the JTBD app as well as stories from the road. Benedicte is taking a quick break from her vacation to launch Gatsby Summer Functions. Benedikt is scared to deploy the double opt-in implementation and fighting with Outlook.

Summer Functions, Zapier, and Double Opt-In

While Brian is having trouble with his internet connection Bar Harbor, Benedicte talks about her upcoming Gatsby Summer Functions course. Benedikt shares his recent progress on Zapier and Double Opt-In for Userlist.

CRUD, YOLO, and F$%!

Benedicte Raae joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about their updates of the week. Brian is still getting used to the life on the road, Benedicte is working on a new side project, and Benedikt is still figuring out how to implement double opt-ins.

Userlist is a 6-figure SaaS!

Benedikt has some exciting updates and Brian joins from the road for the first time!

Live Streaming with Benedicte Raae

Brian is kicking off his year on the road, so Benedikt invited Benedicte Raae to talk about live streaming on YouTube. They chat about how to get started, what formats work, and the benefits of using live streams to "build in public".

Checking in

Benedikt is almost done with moving to a new home while Brian is almost ready to leave for a year on the road.

Productized Services with Special Guest Brian Casel

Benedikt is out this week, so Brian chats with fellow Brian, Brian Casel, about exploring paths to productizing the JTBD consulting service I've been offering.

To Productize or Not To Productize?

Brian thinks through some possible paths toward productizing the JTBD traction he's seeing and Benedikt is chipping away at small tasks while the upcoming home move chips away at his energy.

Counting the days

Brian is preparing for a camper test run this weekend. Benedikt is drained from a weekend of moving boxes and furniture.

Want a house? Start a podcast.

Benedikt is surrounded by boxes and in the market for a kitchen. Brian is preparing to enter Backpack into a board game contest.

Packing, Packing, Packing

Brian and Benedikt started to pack up their homes. In addition to that, Brian is fighting literal bugs and Benedikt is building a Zapier integration.

Game changers

Benedikt is feeling excited about the feedback on Userlist's proposed marketing email functionality, and Brian has officially held a version of "Backpack" in his real-life hands!

Going full circle

Benedikt talks about launching the companies feature of Userlist as well as some database performance break-throughs. Brian is very happy about how his consulting business is turning out this year and is dabbling with some new productized service ideas.

Moving is great! Moving is the worst.

Benedikt got some bummer news about his lease and Brian might have a prototype of Backpack in his hands sooner than he thought.

This will be a quick one… or maybe not

Brian and Benedikt catch up on their progress in the last week. Brian talks about his recent consulting project and play-testing Backpack. Benedikt just launched the new user and company profiles and is tackling some long standing performance issues.

Timezones are the Worst

Brian shares about the latest round of revisions for Backpack and a customer sends the first ever marketing email via Userlist.

Building Products for Fun and Profit with John Nunemaker

John Nunemaker joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about his journey as a founder and the various product he's built, launched, sold, and reaqcuired over the years.

Behind, Busy, and Behind

Benedikt is ripping out cords on Userlist profile pages and Brian has a couple of very large vehicles in his driveway.

Bricks, Games, and Profiles

Brian talks about his new consulting gig and the first blind playtest of Backpack. Benedikt shares the progress on Userlist features and marketing.

Calming Down and Spinning Up

Benedikt finally has a calm and focused week. Brian's spinning a lot of plates, but things are looking good.

Encouraged & Optimistic

Brian and Benedikt are in good spirits this week. They talk about recent progress on Brian's board game, Benedikt's successful battle against performance issues, as well as how Bitcoin helps Brian with his year on the road.

Bedtime Error! This application has requested the entrepreneur quit sleeping.

Benedikt has had a productive (yet tiring) couple of weeks and Brian released a "How to Play" video for Backpack!

Life Profitability with Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about his new book Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. They talk about the concept of Life Profitability, how Work-Life-Balance doesn't really exist, and why it's important to challenge traditional ideas about entrepreneurship.

How Does Sailing Even Work?

Benedikt got some much-needed rest over the weekend watching some American Football and a sailing race that completely baffles Brian's understanding of how wind works. Brian is also getting very close to being able to share his board game ... stay tuned!

Planning for the new year

Brian and Benedikt are sharing a bit about their plans for 2021. Brian is preparing for their year on the road, Benedikt is sharing details about a new direction for Userlist.

The Year Ahead

Benedikt has some huge news from the break and Brian is still feeling much more relaxed after shifting his focus to a hobby project. We also dig into our "Year Compass" reflections and talk about 2020 and 2021.