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What to focus on?

Brian considers changing the primary focus of Headlamp, while Benedikt wonders what's an opportunity and what's a distraction.

Flying Solo

Benedikt is out this week so Brian gives a solo update on his SEO efforts and recent customer discovery calls.

Building, Promoting, or Refactoring?

Brian talks about his plans to promote his guide for remote employee engagement and Benedikt navigates the fine line between adding new features and getting lost in refactoring stuff.

Cold Emails, Google Analytics, and Facebook, Oh My!

Benedikt and Jane celebrated the 1-year anniversary of Userlist last week and Benedikt has been busy! Userlist has also started advertising on Facebook and we discuss a few hesitations he has about that. Brian is trying to find an effective mix of direct sales, content marketing, and paid ads.

Software Social

Brian and Benedikt ran into some recording troubles today, but luckily Colleen Schnettler and Michele Hansen agreed take over the feed with their recently launched Software Social podcast.

Pricing and Positioning

Benedikt launched the new Userlist website and is trying to play catch-up on some other tasks. Brian is back from the wilderness and is wandering around in the confusing terrain of SaaS pricing.

Into the Wild

Brian got up super early today to get an episode in before his next camping trip. He also talks about his recent demo calls and next steps for Headlamp. Benedikt is working on the new Userlist website and close to shipping it later this week.

Headlamp has a paying customer!

Benedikt is rested up after some time off but still feeling a bit overwhelmed by his todo list. Meanwhile, Brian has what is probably his most exciting update yet!

Zero To Sold with Arvid Kahl

Benedikt talks with Arvid Kahl about his recently published book Zero To Sold and how having too much momentum after selling one's business can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Round the Campfire

Benedikt is feeling burned out and Brian makes good on his promise to have a demo recorded for this episode!

Solar Panels

Benedikt shares some thoughts on a recent feature release as well as some thoughts on the future of Userlist's marketing plan. Brian's been steadily making progress on integrations and foundational work for Headlamp.

25+ Practical Tips for Running Your SaaS with Ed Freyfogle

Ed Freyfogle joins Benedikt to share more than 25 tips for running a SaaS business. Ed and Benedikt talk about tips for billing, marketing, product as well as general tips for smooth sailing in your business.

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

There isn't an episode of Slow & Steady this week. It didn't feel appropriate. Instead, Brian reads an essay from Barack Obama and a short snippet from presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

Launch Failure

Brian and Benedikt discuss Userlist's failed in-app messages launch, new competition, and Brian's recent progress on Headlamp.

Launch Mode

Benedikt and Brian are both in the zone as Userlist launches In-App Messaging on ProductHunt and Brian is making progress on the MVP for Headlamp.

Analysis Paralysis

Brian is working on Headlamp again, while Benedikt is scared of shipping a feature.

Userlist is a TinySeed 2020 Company!

Big news: Userlist is a TinySeed 2020 company!

The Walking Teddy Bear

Brian talks about his new puppy and gives an update on the job search. Benedikt talks about performance optimization whack-a-mole and shares thoughts on pricing of Userlist.

Email Marketing with Val Geisler

Val Geisler joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about how to approach email marketing in the midst of a pandemic.

Getting Into Shape

Brian and Benedikt talk about their weeks, including Brian's job interview progress and Userlist's new product development workflow based on Shape Up.


Benedikt shares some nice March updates for Userlist while Brian ponders what the changing environment means for his near-term plans.

The Distracted Founder with Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about common distractions founders face in their day-to-day, as well as during the ongoing pandemic. They talk about how to identify distractions, how to stay focused, and how to find a good balance.

Raking Leaves

Benedikt is trying to get back in the swing of things and shares an experiment with live streaming. Brian is making the most of the simplified schedule and getting in a lot of games with the family.

Standup Comics

Brian and Benedikt resort to telling jokes to give their listeners and themselves a break from the information overload induced by worrying events and bad news.

A Lemonade Stand

Another super short one this week as Brian provides an update on the job hunt and Benedikt brings us up to speed on Userlist's taxes and his progress on a JS snippet.

By Any Means Necessary

In this short episode, Brian and Benedikt talk about Brian's ongoing hunt for a full-time job, as well as recent updates on Userlist.

Margins Are Good

FemtoConf is, in fact, sold out and Benedikt is working on the finishing touches of in-app messaging. Brian shares that he's going to start looking for full-time employment to build in a little more margin.

Is FemtoConf sold out?

Benedikt shares some updates about the tickets and the line-up of FemtoConf 2020. Brian is worried about sounding like a broken record and is considering to apply for a job.

The Joel Test for Remote Teams

Feature Audit is Dead, Long Live Feature Audit

Brian talks about the end of his involvement in Feature Audit and its (hopefully) bright future. Benedikt shares a bit of the struggles that they experience as an international founder team dealing with traditional institutions.